Monday, June 28, 2010


McWorld® is the account I made a long time ago.I haven't been on in months.So I deleted my other blog and remade that on into this one.I hope it gets interesting.

I'm going to post a lot of new things that are happening in McWorld®.

But right now I am going to post about my account that I haven't been on.

I left it with 1,035 points on it.

I used it all up on stuff yesterday.

Some were left.I only have 80 points now.

I have all the pets in the Adoption in Petsylvania.

Hi,Welcome to the McWorld® Blog

McWorld® is a kids world were they can play and earn points by playing different virtual games.I made an account called am a mPanda.

I hope you see me on there.Add me as a mBuddy.
We can talk.

Thanks! :D